Wise Aging Workshops

Wise Aging

"Old age is not a defeat but a victory, not a punishment but a privilege. One ought to enter old age as one enters the senior year at a university, in exciting anticipation of consummation."  --Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

What are Wise Aging workshops?

Those in their 60s and beyond can count themselves part of an extraordinary, history-making generation—pioneers in understanding and making the most of this “third chapter” stage of life. These years of growing older offer both deep and dynamic possibility; they are full of potential for learning and growth. The Wise Aging program provides new resources and support to live the later years with spirit, resilience, and wisdom.

The primary vehicles for Wise Aging’s exploration are peer groups led by trained and experienced facilitators who structure sessions based on a comprehensive curriculum developed by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. The foundational text for Wise Aging peer groups is Wise Aging: Living With Joy, Resilience and Spirit, by Rabbi Rachel Cowan and Dr. Linda Thal.

A brief interview is required prior to registration. If you are interested in being contacted for an interview, please call 646.505.4398 or click here.

Testimonials from Participants

  • I found the Wise Aging program to be relevant and supportive. I very much appreciated the intelligence and perceptiveness of the leaders.
  • The Wise Aging seminar, to me, was about self-acceptance, self-compassion and a helpful reminder of what is truly important in life. Between the readings and the teachers, it was a good beginning to begin contemplating this "late-middle-age" period of my life.
  • The Wise Aging program was a wonderful and unique experience! The Wise Aging text, the skill and compassion of the facilitators and the interactions with the group provided me with new tools and insights that will be invaluable in the coming years.

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