Pickleball at the JCC


The JCC is proud to offer Pickleball on Sunday mornings from 7:30-10 am, located in our 3rd Floor Gymnasium.

Pickleball games are free for JCC health club, pool, and adult basketball members.

JCC community members pay $25 per visit.  

Public (non-members) pay $35 per visit. 

If you would like information on JCC memberships please email membership@mmjccm.org.

ALL Pickleball players need to make Reservations on our app. 

To provide the best experience we will limit the number of players to 16.

The first 16 to make a reservation get to play. Please keep your reservation and show up.

If you are a non member or community member, all payments should be made in advance and can easily be made via our JCC app.

  1. Please go to the app store and download the JCC Manhattan app
  2. Create an account
  3. At the bottom in the center is an icon "buy" bag - press the buy icon and purchase a guest pass.  Now you have a guest pass on your account
  4. Go to the book button at the bottom of the screen and tap the book button
  5. Swipe across at the top to make a reservation for the basketball court and choose 7:30am on Sunday "Pickleball" - press book to complete your reservation

If you need technical assistance please contact personalservice@mmjccm.org

3 courts will be set up in the full gymnasium. Please organize the games as needed. Equipment will be provided but please feel free to bring your favorite paddle.