JCC stories

The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan is actively shaping 21st-century Jewish life. The stories in this section, which also appear in our seasonal program guides, serve as an introduction to some of the people and programs that represent that change, that make us so much more than a community center. We hope they inspire as well as inform.

 Several of the stories that appear here have short video companions. To watch these videos, click the link in the sidebar of each story. To watch all of the videos now, click here.

stories from Spring 2023

The Impact of Jewish Women on Video Art

“It is a true honor as an artist to show my work alongside these legends…I am truly humbled to be trusted with their art to create this unique multiscreen video installation.” —Sharon Balaban

stories from Winter 2023

Celebrating Purim

"As we celebrate, may our joy and laughter echo in the walls of the JCC, and our gratitude and love be carried out with us into the rest of our worlds."

— Rabbi Yael Rapport

Returning Home as Rabbi-in-Residence

"What excites me about the community is what I have witnessed from the outside, which is a growth in self-understanding of mission, purpose, and relationship to the neighborhood." —Rabbi Mira Rivera

A Dozen Years of JSport

"The response of all of our 20s + 30s programming has been incredibly positive and enthusiastic, and JSport is no exception."

— Michael Kalmin

Recovery through Community

"We embark on this journey of creating a more inclusive and more responsive approach to the real lives of people in our community."

— Rabbi Joanna Samuels

A Book Festival to Inspire Book Lovers

"My hope for the whole festival is to help people feel more connected to books. I want people to be inspired to read more. It’s as simple as that."

— Udi Urman

stories from Fall 2022

Celebrating Chanukah with Community at the JCC

“Chanukah is all about increasing light and all that light brings to our world—warmth, visibility, and illumination.”

— Jacqueline Marks              

White Hot Saturday Night Returns

“It’s a beautiful way to get together with old and new friends and show how much we love and appreciate the JCC.”

—Natalie Batalion                     

JCC Art Studios Reopen After Nearly Three-Year Pause

"I believe that our ceramics studio is a beautiful showcase of what our community is all about. It's about the heart."

- Udi Urman                     

16th Annual Other Israel Film Festival Opens at the JCC

"We are excited to re-engage with our audiences and host these timely conversations, with hopes of activating people and changing perceptions."

- Carole Zabar