School-Age Sports

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Kids playing tennis in the gym
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Confidence. Exercise. Social skills. Children get each of these benefits and more when they step onto the JCC gymnasium floor. Our athletics classes provide the foundation for a healthy lifestyle while teaching your child determination, resilience, and teamwork.

Drop off classes include:

  • Sports (2.5–10 Years): Soccer, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, team handball, and more! Children focus on teamwork, skill-building, and sportsmanship with the JCC’s renowned energetic coaching staff. Our athletes will develop athleticism and sportsmanship through creative warm-ups, fun drills, and class games as they practice a wide range of sports throughout the semester. As our kids grow, game strategy becomes a major objective as we introduce friendly competition.

  • Tennis (3–10 Years): Children practice groundstrokes, volleys, ball-tracking, and overhead strokes while developing hand-eye coordination and learning sportsmanship. Classes for older students teach proper serves, game strategies, and sportsmanship as we introduce friendly competition.

  • Basketball (4–12 Years): Young athletes will master offensive and defensive techniques, learn basketball drills, scrimmage, and play games. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, coordination, and skill-building. Classes are open to all skill levels. Skills and drills are adapted appropriately for each athlete.

  • Dynamo Girl at the JCC (5–10 Years): Dynamo Girl teaches girls fundamental sports skills in a fun and joyful environment. Girls are introduced to sports like flag football, basketball, and soccer while developing their speed, strength, and agility through obstacle courses and running games. We incorporate a love of creative expression and collaboration into our classes and weave in a social/emotional curriculum that addresses the challenges girls face in their social dynamics. Dynamo Girl makes your daughter stronger inside and out!

  • Acro (4-10 Years): Kids will develop flexibility, stability and core strength through acrobatic technique and then have a blast "flying" off the JCC's Tumbl Trak! Coaches will help children build on fundamentals like forward roll, cartwheel, handstand and bridge then enjoy higher intensity jumps, turns and aerial maneuvers on the trampoline. Kids learn proper preparations and safe transitions while developing self-confidence and social skills. No experience required; coaches individualize to each skill level.

For classes for children 12 months-3 years, please click here.

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