Pre-Nursery Classes

Pre-Nursery Classes


Our first classroom experiences—Toddler Playgroup, Turning 2s, and Shabbat Together—are play-based, open-ended classes encouraging exploration, growth, and discovery. We strive to create an inclusive, fun, engaging environment where children and families can become a part of a community and develop lasting connections.

The overall goals of these programs are to give children the opportunity to:

  • Become part of a community
  • Form new connections through social interactions with their peers and teachers and develop independent relationships
  • Gently acclimate to a classroom setting
  • Gain confidence in themselves and their abilities

With Parent / Caregiver

Toddler Playgroup (16-24 mo)

Program Philosophy
Toddler Playgroup takes place with a parent/caregiver to introduce toddlers to a classroom environment with a grown-up by their side! Children build independence as they explore our child-centered curriculum through creative play, circle time, movement, stories, and art.

This class is designed to serve as a stepping stone for children to become secure and confident for future drop-off programs at the JCC and beyond.

Toddler Playgroup is an hour-long class that meets twice a week on Tuesdays + Thursdays.

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Drop Off

Turning 2s / Shabbat Together
(Children Turning 2 Between Sept + Dec)

Program Philosophy
Turning 2s is a drop-off program that encourages exploration, growth, and discovery. We believe children are competent and capable individuals with learning styles and interests and will thrive in nurturing, warm environments designed with them in mind.

Through our child-centered curriculum, we aim to foster each child's creativity. Our teachers act as facilitators of positive, engaging experiences that support the needs of the children in their care.

We have extensive experience with classroom welcome plans and will work with each family to ensure everyone is comfortable. Flexibility and trust are essential, and priority is placed on readiness rather than a swift separation.

Turning 2s is a registration-based program; no application is required. The program is held two mornings a week, and families can choose a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday section. The program is designed for children who turn two between September and December. Turning 2s is a year-long program that runs from September–June. There is also an option to add a third day by separately registering for our Friday class, Shabbat Together. 

An additional class section is offered in the Winter for children turning 2 between January and April.

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For more information on Pre-Nursery Programming, please contact or call 646.505.5721.

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