Residential Assessment

Res assessment

What does your loved one need to live on their own?

This valuable tool is for anyone exploring housing options for a family member with a disability. During the course of answering 126 questions, you'll begin to clarify your housing vision and articulate what will define "home" for your family member: their support needs, the benefits and services they are eligible for, where they will live, and how their new home will support their lifestyle preferences and social activities.

The assessment is also used to identify gaps in your family member's benefits and services. It is a required first step to joining our Partners4Housing Roommate Matching Pool, where you'll go to find compatible roommates and partnering families to create a shared living solution.

The Residential Assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive service review to ensure your loved one has all the services they are entitled to (some clients have found that this can pay for the cost of the Residential Assessment)
  • A follow-up consultation to identify the steps you can take now to prepare for future housing
  • Assistance navigating the complex silos of service agencies
  • A printable report for future reference
  • Access to our Roommate Matching Pool (by invitation)* for one year

The Residential Assessment is a one-time fee of $500.

*Disclaimer: We are committed to helping you create a sustainable housing solution for your family member with a disability, but we cannot guarantee a roommate match or a housing solution.

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