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Ulpan is an Israeli method for teaching and improving all Hebrew language skills—speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing. Ulpan classes at the JCC are taught by highly qualified, experienced teachers. You'll find small, interactive day and evening classes at all levels.

Summer 2024 classes will begin on Sun, Jul 7. Registration is open!

Which class is right for me?

If you are a new Ulpan student with a background in Hebrew, you are required to take the placement test before choosing a class. You can download this test (below), or you may contact Ulpan director Anila Sole at asole@mmjccm.org.

If you wish to register for a weekly Ulpan class and you studied during the previous semester, register for the next class in sequence. For example, if you took Beginner Aleph, you may register for Beginner Bet; if you took Intermediate Bet, you may register for Intermediate Gimmel. If you have any questions about your level or you do not plan to continue in the same class, please contact Ulpan director Anila Sole at asole@mmjccm.org for a new placement.

Click here to download the Summer 2024 schedule.
Click here to download our Ulpan Placement Test.

For questions and more information, please contact Ulpan director, Anila Sole.

Ulpan Classes

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