Art + Cooking

Art + Cooking 1


Young children learn and explore through their senses, and the experience and process is always the most exciting part of any art activity. In art, children can learn and explore through exciting and messy open-ended materials. Little ones learn about colors, textures, and shapes while developing fine motor skills and expressing their creativity through unconventional and open-ended materials.

Classes include:

My Art Studio (18-36 months): Come make a mess in our studio! This hands-on, creative environment fosters your toddler's exploration and use of materials in new and inventive ways. Enjoy yourselves and let us worry about cleaning up.


Food is a natural community builder, and the preparation involved lends itself to an amazing opportunity for relationship-building among family and friends. Cooking is a sensory activity filled with mixing, pouring, measuring, and stirring—all natural activities that small children enjoy and learn while doing. Not only is cooking a fun and rich educational opportunity, but children gain confidence and take pride when they can enjoy their own culinary creations at the end.

Classes include:

Cookin' Kids (2-3 years): Children have fun as they peel, whisk, and stir their way through a variety of fresh ingredients, techniques, and vocabulary. They'll learn healthy eating habits and identify and reinforce speech, colors, shapes, smells, and motor skills in a nurturing and delicious environment.

Tiny Tasters (3-4 years): Children have fun as they peel, whisk, and stir their way through a variety of fresh ingredients and cooking techniques. They'll learn how healthy eating can be delicious and will build confidence and autonomy in the kitchen.

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