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Over the past 25+ years, The Koopersmith Family Literacy + Math Program at the JCC has trained hundreds of volunteers of all ages (14+) to help public school students who perform below grade level. Interested in changing a life? Join us to demonstrate your commitment to reducing learning loss and closing the opportunity gap among New York City's school children.

Learn + Play: English Language Fun for Elementary School StudentsMake a difference in the lives of elementary school new arrivals to NYC and English Language Learners in grades K–5. Learn + Play Tutors create opportunities for children ages 5–10 to have fun and develop their conversational proficiency in English, social skills, confidence, and sense of belonging and community. Programs will take place in person at Upper West Side schools from 3–4:30 pm or 3:30–5 pm, four days a week. Tutoring schedules start at one 1.5-hour session per week. Register now to support English Language Learners and have fun with hands-on materials, games, and community-building activities.

School Day + Lunchtime Tutoring
Volunteer to support academically struggling students on the Upper West Side during the school day. All School Day + Lunchtime tutoring schedules start at one 50-minute session per week. JCC School Day Tutors provide elementary school students with targeted, individualized, and consistent academic support in literacy and/or math starting at one class period per week between 8 am–2:30 pm at PS 75. Lunchtime Tutors support students as reading buddies during lunch and recess at PS 84 and PS 163. Programs will take place in person on the Upper West Side, four days a week. Register now to show your commitment to supporting academically struggling elementary school students.

2023–2024 Tutoring Commitment
Tutoring is a yearlong commitment. Tutoring sessions begin October 10 and run through May 16. Volunteers are required to adhere to a consistent tutoring schedule, missing no more than two sessions in an academic year. This ensures that students get the support and commitment they need to succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register as a tutor for the 2023–24 school year? 
Click here for the registration form.

Will there be virtual tutoring this year? 
The Koopersmith Family Literacy + Math Program will not be offering virtual tutoring for the 2023–24 school year. Volunteer tutors did incredible work to adapt and meet the needs of our community when COVID-19 hit New York City and schools shut down. Today, our city is once again in a moment of change. With a continuous influx of asylum seekers to New York City, there has been an increase in the enrollment of English Language Learners and new arrivals in District 3 public schools. In order to best meet the dynamic needs of our community, we will return to our roots in the neighborhood to offer hands-on tutoring for everything from literacy + math during the school day to English language fun + games after school. All tutoring will take place on-site at public schools on the Upper West Side. 

I can't tutor during the school day and or after school on the Upper West Side. Will I still be able to tutor this year? 
In order to best meet the needs of our students and school partners, session times have been set in alignment with existing school day and after-school schedules. We are unfortunately not able to accommodate tutoring outside of these hours. 

What is the commitment to be a tutor? Can I change my tutoring commitment once I register?
Consistency is crucial for all elementary school children, and especially so for the children we serve. We ask that all volunteers commit to at least one session per week, and have consistent attendance each week. 

What kind of training and preparation will I receive as a tutor? 
The Koopersmith Family Literacy + Math Program cannot and will not replace existing instruction provided by certified teachers and school-based specialists. However, our tutors will be trained to make a difference. We will also hold monthly workshops and training for volunteers to learn new tutoring skills, get to know other tutors, and exchange ideas.

I don’t speak a second language. Can I still tutor English Language Learners in the Learn + Play: English Fun for Elementary Schoolers Program? 
One of the wonderful aspects of learning through play is that much can be understood and expressed through images, gestures, and games in the absence of shared language. We encourage volunteers of all linguistic abilities and backgrounds who share our enthusiasm for joyful learning to register for our pilot program, Learn + Play: English Language Fun for Elementary Schoolers.

I have tutoring and/or education experience. Can I support newer tutors? 
The wisdom of experienced tutors and educators is an invaluable resource to fellow volunteers and community members. When you register, please indicate on the form that you have relevant experience. We will reach out to you about opportunities for leadership. We will also provide opportunities for all tutors to speak to one another, in person and virtually, to share questions, challenges, ideas, and solutions with one another.

Generous support for JCC literacy and math programs is provided, in part, by The Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc., The Gural Family Foundation, The Taft Foundation, and individual donors.

For more information or to volunteer, please email The Koopersmith Family Literacy + Math Program team at

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