In Person + Virtual Group Exercise Classes


During this time the JCC Health Club is proud to offer the following daily in-person and live virtual group exercise classes. These classes are free for JCC Health Club members. JCC Pool, Basketball, and Community members as well as the public are also welcome to participate by purchasing JCC Class Passes. Please note in order to attend any class, virtual or in-person, one must register for the class on our JCC MindBody website or through the JCC app.

Please note the following policies for in-person classes:

  1. Class sizes will be limited to 20 people in order to maintain social distancing.
  2. In accordance with the NYC mandate, proof of vaccination is required for entry to the JCC Health Club including all fitness classes.
  3. For safety reasons, please do not enter a group exercise class 10 minutes after its start time. 
  4. Equipment will be provided. However, members are encouraged to bring their own. All in class equipment will be cleaned before and after use.

Our classes are taught by certified group exercise instructors who will help you get the most out of your workout and bring fun back into fitness to keep you coming back for more. We offer an unparalleled variety of classes, 6 days a week, for adults of all ages. Please scroll down for pricing and registration information. To register, click on a class below.

For information about Registered Exercise Classes please, click here. To learn about our indoor cycling partner sweatconnected, click here.

Class Schedule (as of January 2023)


10-11 am: Total Body Toning with Jonathan Wood (Virtual)
10-11 am:  NEW! Let's Dance: Sassy Street Jazz with Alyssa Archer (4th Floor Studio)
11:05 am-noon: Total Body Core with Liz Barkan (4th Floor Studio)
Noon-1 pm: MELT® + A.I. Stretch with Liz Barkan (4th Floor Studio)
6-7:15 pm NEW! Stretch + Restorative Yoga with Jayne Mielo (5th Floor Studio) 


9-10 am: Basic Fitness with Sara Berg (Virtual)
9-10 am: Total Body Fitness with Nancy Burke (4th Floor Studio)
10:15-11:15 am: MELT® Performance with Edya Kalev (Hybrid, 4th Floor Studio)
11:15 am-noon MELT® Restore with Edya Kalev (4th Floor Studio)
11:30 am-12:30 pm: Sit 'N Fit: Exercise for Arthritis + More with Brian Hurley (5th Floor Studio)
12:15-1:15 pm: Barre Body Conditioning with Louisa Plous (4th Floor Studio)
6:05-7 pm: NEW! Yoga Flow + Sculpt with Jessica Gumora (4th Floor Studio) 
7:05-8 pm: NEW TIME! Nia Dance with Robyn Frank (4th Floor Studio) 


9-10 am: Pilates Mat 1 with Luis Villabon (Virtual)
9-10 am: Nia Jam with Caroline Kohles (4th Floor Studio)
10:15-11:15 am: A.I. Stretch with Anubha Elaine Boudouris (4th Floor Studio)
11:30 am-12:25 pm: NEW! Sculpt + Core with Frances Taylor (4th Floor Studio)
12:15-1 pm: Strength + Sweat with Lisa Raphael (Virtual)
6:15-7:15 pm: NEW! Pilates Activation with Marci Rubin (5th Floor Studio) 
6:30-7:30 pm: TRX with Jonathan Wood (4th Floor Studio)


9-10 am: Fitness Plus with Sara Berg (Hybrid, 4th Floor Studio)
10:30-11:45 am: Anusara Yoga with Jackie Prete (4th Floor Studio)
noon-1 pm: Pilates Mat with Robin Powell (4th Floor Studio)
6:15-7:15 pm: Just Dance! with David Guggino (4th Floor Studio)
6:30-7:45 pm: Yoga Flow + Restore with Jessica Gumora (5th Floor Studio)


9-10 am: Nia Dance with Caroline Kohles (Hybrid, 4th Floor Studio) 
10:15-11 am: MELT® Length with Liz Barkan (4th Floor Studio)
11 am-noon: Body Conditioning with Liz Barkan (Hybrid, 4th Floor Studio) 
12:15-1:15 pm: Barre Strength + Recovery with Louisa Plous (4th Floor Studio) 
6:15-7:15 pm: NEW DAY + TIME! Body Alignment + Recovery with Marjorie Liebert (5th Floor Studio)
6:30-7:30 pm: Boxing with Sherwood Reece (4th Floor Studio) 


9-10 am: NEW! Yoga + the Chair with Whitney Chapman (4th Floor Studio) 
9:30-10:30 am: Cardio Intervals with Nancy Burke (Virtual)
10:15-11:15 am: MELT® with Whitney Chapman (4th Floor Studio)
11 am-noon Pilates Mat 2 with Luis Villabon (Virtual)
11:30 am-12:30 pm: Jazz it Up! with Yvonne Puckett (4th Floor Studio)
12:30-1:15 pm: JAN 27-FEB 17 Bodyweight Training with Jonathan Kline (4th Floor Studio)



9-10 am: NEW! Nia Jam with Nia Instructors (4th Floor Studio) 
9-10:15 am: Iyengar Yoga with Kavi Patel (5th Floor Studio) 
10-11 am: Fun with Fitness with Sara Berg (4th Floor Studio)
10:30-11:30 am: A.I. Stretch with Anubha Boudouris (5th Floor Studio)
11 am-noon Pilates Mat with Frances Taylor (4th Floor Studio)

Class Pass Pricing

Seniors (62+) get 10% off any single class or Class Pass. Please email to receive this discount.

To purchase a Class Pass, click here.

Single-Class Pass:

$21.25 for JCC Pool and Community members
$25 for general public

Pass expires 1 week from date of purchase.

5-Class Pass:

$102 for JCC Pool and Community members
$120 for general public

Pass expires 35 days from date of purchase.

10-Class Pass:

$195.50 for JCC Pool and Community members
$230 for general public

Pass expires 70 days from date of purchase.

20-Class Pass:

$374 for JCC Pool and Community members
$440 for general public

Pass expires 140 days from date of purchase.

Registration Information

To register for a class you can sign up here through MindBody or visit our app.

How do I make a MindBody Account and pay for a class?
If you are a Health Club Member you should already have an account in the system.

Click here to create your new password.

If you are not a Health Club member start by clicking here to create a new account and sign up for a class.

  • Enter email and click next.
  • Fill in information, make sure you keep email communication checked to get your Zoom links for class, agree with terms and click create account.
  • Click on Virtual Group Exercise Tab found on the top left hand corner.
  • Select your class by clicking Sign Up Now
  • Select the Virtual Drop-In Class product and click Checkout
  • Fill in Credit Card information and click Place Order

How do I reset my password? Start here

  • Click Need new password? on the bottom left OR Need Password on the top right of the page.
  • Enter Email and click Next
  • Open email and click Create New Password
  • Create new password and click Save, it would automatically log you in.
  • Make sure you have the 3 email boxes in the Personal column found in your profile page.
  • If they are not checked click edit on the top of the column and check the three email boxes and click save.
  • This will ensure you get the ZOOM links to join your class.

After you sign up for a class, you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary Zoom link and additional class information.

I am a Health Club Member, why did it ask me to pay for the class?
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please email us at so that we can fix your account. If the class is about to start and you pay to attend we will refund the price for the class and ensure your membership status is set up appropriately in our new system.

If the class is about to start it would be quicker to purchase a seat to attend and get a refund after the class.

  • Click on the MY INFO tab
  • Ensure the Personal column in your profile has all three email boxes checked. This is to ensure you get the zoom link when you sign up for your class.
  • If they are not checked click Edit to the right of Personal.
  • Click on the three boxes and click Save
  • Click on Virtual Group Exercise Tab found on the top left hand corner.
  • Select your class by clicking Sign Up Now
  • Select the Virtual Drop-In Class product and click Checkout
  • Fill in Credit Card information and click Place Order
  • Email to request your refund and to ensure you do not have to pay for another class next time you sign up.

I am not a Health Club Member, how do I pay for class?
Once you have created a MindBody account by following the steps listed above, MindBody will automatically ask you for a method of payment before confirming your reservation.

I signed up and received my confirmation email but the Zoom link does not work?
Please email and include a contact number and the class information. A JCC staff member will get back to you shortly.

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