Adult Swim Classes


New to the water, looking for water aerobics, or hoping to learn new ways to enhance your stroke technique? We have the right classes for you! The JCC offers a variety of adult swim classes, including:

  • Learn-to-swim Adult Swim Clinics: In our Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Swim Clinics work on learning to swim or building stroke technique with our great instructors who plan each class around the swimmer's current abilities. Coming back soon! Stay tuned for classes in the fall!

  • Arthritis Water Exercise: Are you coping with arthritis or looking for a gentle water exercise class? These programs are designed to improve all aspects of fitness without joint stress. Our Beginner Level class is for those who are looking for a slow-moving exercise class. Our Advanced Level Arthritis Exercise class incorporates more active exercises that focus on resistance in the water to help strengthen muscles and joints.

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Water Workouts: Our Prenatal and Postnatal Water Workout class will help our prenatal moms-to-be safely keep their abdominal muscles toned and will assist in relieving back pain with water exercise. After having your baby, postnatal exercise is important so that you can regain your cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. Our instructors work alongside OBGYNs to ensure all exercises are up to date with current medical practice.

  • Triathlon Swim Training: Our Freestyle ONLY TriSwim classes are advanced level swim classes focused on Freestyle technique and endurance and strength building in the water. Our Amazing TriSwim instructors work alongside our swimmers to help them reach all of their TriSwim goals!

  • Aqua HIIT: Our Aqua HIIT class is a full-body, high-intensity water workout structured in a HIIT format. A perfect way to let off some stress after a long day, this cardio and strength-training workout will keep you moving, work up a sweat, and have you coming back for more!

  • Aqua Cardio Workout: This 45-minute water aerobics cardio class is sure to get you going! Start your day off with this high-energy workout that incorporates strength training, muscle endurance, pulmonary exercises, and balance and flexibility training to help you keep your physical, spiritual, and mental momentum going all day long.

For more information on Adult Aquatic Programs, please contact Jannina Londono at 646.505.4317,

The JCC's pool staff welcomes you with open arms and expert instructors. Our classes are designed to help you gain confidence in the water, and are grouped by level of proficiency.

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