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Parenting programs at the JCC are designed to support families from preparing for their first child to parenting young adults and everything in between.

Throughout the year we offer a multitude of support groups, workshops, and speakers to support all phases of childrearing in the ever-changing landscape of raising and supporting children. We view our programs as a space where parents can come together to form connections and community, while being nurtured by expert facilitators.

We understand the challenges and joys that come with raising a family, and our mission is to bolster parents' confidence and resilience. We hope our programs serve as your village, a place where you can find solidarity,reliable information, and encouragement. Whether you're considering starting a family or you're already immersed in the beautiful chaos of parenthood, the JCC is here to be your steadfast partner.

Past programs include books talks about a few books we recommend to add to your parenting reading list Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be by Dr. Becky Kennedy, The Emotional Lives of Teenagers by Lisa Damour, Ph.D. and This Is So Awkward by Cara Natterson, MD and Vanessa Kroll Bennett.

For more information about Parenting Program from pre-natal to school age children, contact Yael Kahn Pinto, Director of the Wasserman Center for Family Life at

For more information about Parenting Programs geared at parents of tweens, teens and young adults contact Naomi Skop Richter, Senior Director, Teen + Young Adult Mental Health Initiative at

For Parents of children 0-10 years, please email Yael Kahn Pinto at

For parents of tweens, teens and young adults, please email Naomi Skop Richter at

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