Assistive Technology 

AT Help offers free Assistive Technology (AT) support to children and adults via Zoom and in person at the JCC. The program’s mission is to guide individuals, families, caregivers, and professionals in the effective acquisition, use, and implementation of AT, which may enhance participation for individuals with disabilities in the workplace, in schools, and within their communities, by addressing learning or productivity obstacles, augmenting communication and daily living skills, enhancing visual or auditory supports, or improving the physical accessibility for interacting within a particular environment.

AT Train is a complementary AT training program, which provides free support for educators, therapists, parent groups, and advocates who serve the needs of individuals with disabilities. Trainings usually encompass any or all of these three areas:

  • Assessment: Determining effective tools to address participation challenges for identified individuals with communication, physical access, learning, sensory, attention, or behavioral needs.

  • Acquisition: Exploring a variety of Assistive Technology options and resources available across various platforms and operating systems, and determining how they might be obtained.

  • Implementation: Training of staff/individuals in the operation and integration of Assistive Technologies based on peer-reviewed research and best practices.

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AT Help is celebrating its 15th year, thanks to funding from the Omer Foundation. AT Train has been graciously funded by the J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation, and the hands-on technologies have been funded by a grant from the Flutie Foundation.