Summer Classes

Summer Classes

The JCC is excited to provide families with the following sun-sational summer programs for children. From flexible drop-in programs to weekly classes and even day camp experiences, the JCC has you covered for a summer of fun.

Summer Registration 2023
Opens Mar 29 for members and Apr 3 to the public. Classes begin June 20.

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View all Art Classes

Young artists will get creative and develop fine motor skills through an exploration of fun and messy art materials in our classrooms—and not your living room floor. Our hands-on, child-centered art classes foster children's exploration of artistic process and use of materials in new and inventive ways.

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Music + Movement

View all Music + Movement Classes

Children have natural rhythm, and there is no better way to stimulate movement and brain development than early exposure to these music and dance programs.

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Pre-Nursery + First Classroom Experiences

View all Pre-Nursery Classes

In this first classroom experience, young children will begin their love of learning through exploration, growth, and discovery in a warm and nurturing environment. Drop-off classes available.

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View all Sports Classes

Sports classes for children are designed for each age group, with special attention on body/environmental awareness, motor development, social skills, and teamwork in a fun and safe space.

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View all Swim Classes

Children will enjoy learning how to swim in a warm-water pool with caring and experienced instructors, helping create positive, lifelong swim habits.

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Outdoor Classes

View all Outdoor Classes

Explore the classes being offered al fresco at the JCC this season, including a new Forest Class in Central Park.

Visit our Parenting Page for updates on special events, meet-ups, workshops, and more.

Questions on class registration?
Email or call 646.505.5708 for assistance.

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