Personal Training Options at the JCC

Fitness Consult - 60 Min
Introductory session

Personal Training - 30 Min/60 Min
Our experienced certified personal trainers can assist you with designing a workout routine that will help you lose weight, and get stronger so you can feel your best. We can work with people at all fitness levels to help you take the guesswork out of exercising. These sessions will help you decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve overall health.

Sessions starting at $58/$103 (package discounts available)

Integrated Training - 30 Min/60 Min
Regardless of athletic ability or fitness level, almost every person has some degree of muscular or postural imbalances. These imbalances can cause stiffness, aches and pains, and even lethargy. Our integrated training sessions address these imbalances, reduce the chance of injury, and help increase movement functionality and efficiency.

Sessions starting at $68/$113 (package discounts available)

Specialty Training - 30 Min/60 Min
Break free from aches and pains like plantar fasciitis, sciatica, shoulder impingement, and other concerns with our Specialty Training. An in-depth series on movement restoration and postural alignment performed in specialty sessions might be the right solution for you.

Sessions starting at $86/$154 (package discounts available)

Master Training - 30 Min/60 Min
These uniquely sophisticated sessions provide high levels of tracking and communication to ensure success and quick progress. After each session, you will be provided with a progress review and assigned home exercises, if applicable. In addition, there will be weekly phone conversations in which the master trainer can answer questions and provide guidance and support. Our master trainers regularly research on each client’s needs in order to be able to provide highly individualized treatment.

Sessions starting at $113/$204 (package discounts available)

Dual Training and Small Group Training
For information about dual training with two people or small group training with up to four people, please email