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Hours of Operation

Mon–Fri: 6 am–10 pm
Sat/Sun: 7 am–9 pm
Phone: 646.505.5716


(Pool closes 30 min before building.)

Summer Pool Schedules (Jun 20–Aug 15)
Main Pool - Summer Schedule
Trainig Pool - Summer Schedule

*Pool deck closes 30 minutes before locker rooms.
JCC Pools no longer require reservations for lap swimming.
Reservations are still required for aqua aerobics and family swim through the JCC app.

Welcome to the JCC Health Club

Welcome to the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan Health Club. The 4th floor Fitness Center is openthe Main Pool and Training Pool are open for adult swim and family swim, and our basketball courts are open for member play. We are also accepting requests for private swim lessons for adults and children, massage, and personal training. Please use this page as a comprehensive guide to protocols and procedures to ensure your member experience is safe and smooth.

In person and virtual group exercise classes can be booked via the JCC/Mindbody app/page, which can be downloaded via the Apple Store or Google Play.

Please note that your Mindbody login requires a different set of login credentials (username and password) from your JCC general website/online registration account. If you are having any difficulty setting up or accessing your Mindbody account, please email

Locker rooms are open for member use including cubbies, showers, and hair dryers. Wipes are available for the cleaning of surfaces before and after use, for everyone’s benefit, while steam rooms remain on pause until further notice.



"I have gotten 3 swim experiences so far. I am getting used to the protocol. But I am enjoying it so much. I just had my first circle swim experience and the staff was so helpful and made me feel safe. I am still new to circle swim etiquette and I think I was maybe too fast for my lane, but the guards were great about moving people around for a better swim!"

- Elaheh N.

"I had my free swim trial the other day and really enjoyed it. It was my first swim in almost a year and a half but I was able to swim the full 45 minutes which I was excited about. Demesha helped me get online on the right time and sign up for next week. Thank you so much for calling me personally, this makes a huge difference and I appreciate it so much!"

- Lee L.

"I think the JCC is doing a terrific job keeping the pool open and I appreciate how pleasant and helpful all the staff is during this time. From the moment I enter downstairs and check with the security team to the pool staff on 6, everyone seems to be on the same page and eager to help. Well done."

- Mary M.

"It can’t be left unsaid, and I hope I am not the first to say it.  I am sure I am not.  The job you and your entire team, from front (side) door all the way up to the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors, is just beyond anyone’s wildest imagination for health, safety, well-being, and good cheer.  These are impossible times.  I assume your staff, like so many others, face enormous struggles and are dealing with every kind of imaginable stress. Yet everyone of them — everyone one of them, in every kind of job — greets us and treats as if it were their birthdays, and ours.  If you could bottle the JCCs high spirits and good feelings  and sell them, the JCC’s pandemic-era money troubles would be over, forever.  

"It’s our favorite place to be.  It always was, but because for the time being there aren’t many if any other places we can be with other people the way we are with them at the JCC, now more than ever.

"Thank you and your entire staff."

- Jim G and Jenny M.

"Just wanted to say thanks for how well the opening and running of the pool has been.  The plan is good, and the staff has managed the day to day extremely well.  Being able to use the pool in these difficult times is a bright spot for me."

- Mark M.

"The generosity of Elana, Caitlyn and Davinia reminded me how fortunate I am to get to swim at the MMJCCM.  I was consoled by the real demonstration of humanity and understanding. I want you to know that each of the women on the pool deck made a real contribution by the way they did their jobs. Thank you."

- Amy A.

"Jane and I will certainly stick with JCC through thick and thin. We had a refreshing restorative swim yesterday morning."

- Peter S.

"The reopening of the pool has been a tremendous gift, and I'm grateful for that. And your staff has been just terrific -- careful, welcoming and deeply well organized."

- Karyn F.

"Yesterday we headed over to the JCC for our first workout at the fitness center since the pandemic hit. We were among the New Yorkers who were being extremely careful about going out, possibly overly careful but due to our age (both over 60) and some underlying health issues, we felt it was better to take extra care. We did have a little trepidation about going to the JCC but hoped that the guidelines that were being followed and the precautions that were being put in place would ease our minds. While we'd been working out in our apartment we were so eager to get back to the gym!

"Well, it turns out our expectations were completely exceeded! From the moment we entered the side door and headed up to the fitness center, we were made to feel safe and secure and so warmly welcomed by every staff member we encountered. Major kudos to all! What a wonderful job you have all done. We will definitely be back soon!

"Please give our thanks to the rest of the staff as well. We are so appreciative."

- Mike and Sue R.

"Part of the joy and relief in the experience of all of us seeing each other again at the JCC echoes what those of us who lived through NYC in the days post 9/11 remember. Enormous gratitude to see the people who walk along the edges of our lives step back into them, whole. We have all lost people, lost touch, and lost our sense of security during these last several months. There are people we will never see again, and have no way to know why. Did they move away? Did they retreat from some activities? Did they die?

"To see each one of you -- each one of US -- that beautiful word -- grounds us in the community that all of you at JCC have so vigorously fought to keep, expand and elevate. We are so grateful."

- Anne W.

"There are so many things I love about the JCC. One is the diversity of the community, starting with age diversity. In the pool and men’s locker room (I am only qualified to speak about the men’s), there are people so young they need help putting on their diapers and people so old they sometimes need help putting on their pants. Although much closer in age to the latter than the former, l am still able to get my own pants on and even to help some of the people older than me with theirs.

"Anyway, just some thoughts, but I really just wanted to say thank you to the entire JCC staff. We know how much vision, dedication, and just plain sweat it has taken to get the JCC where it is today. We’ve each visited a half dozen times since the reopening. What you have done is remarkable. And we are enormously grateful."

- Jim G.

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