In the event of a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case

There are clear procedures outlined for health and safety as recommended by the CDC, and the NYS and NYC Departments of Health. These protocols apply to individuals upon entering the JCC, those that are already in the building, and all JCC staff.


1. Once a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified, that individual will be removed from the JCC as soon as possible. *For children and young adults - parents/guardians will be immediately contacted to pick up the dependent.

2. If the individual is not able to leave immediately, an isolated enclosed space will be provided for waiting to reduce virus spread.


3. Any areas where the confirmed individual used for a prolonged period will be immediately closed off, cleaned and disinfected.

4. JCC Personnel will reach out to NYS and NYC Department of Health to report the COVID-19 case and initiate contact tracing.


5. Building Maintenance Staff will wait 24 hours prior to cleaning and disinfecting to minimize exposure for other individuals. If 24 hours is not feasible, we will wait as long as possible.


6. To return to the JCC, the individual will need to meet 3 requirements outlined by the CDC:

  • At least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
  • At least three days (72 hours) fever free without medication.
  • Improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g. coughing).