Website FAQs


I'm getting an error message and my order won't go through.  I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.  What should I do?

You can contact us using our form, or you can try clearing your browser's cache and trying again. Often doing the latter will lead to a satisfactory result. Note: it's not necessary, when doing so, to clear "cookies or other site data," which may clear your passwords. In Chrome, just check the box "Browsing History," and it's usually not necessary to clear more than 7 days.

How do I know what's happening today/this week at the JCC?

Two ways. From the home screen, scroll down past the blue feature boxes to the area called THIS WEEK AT THE J.  You can also click Programs + Classes in the upper utility menu, which brings you to a page with a calendar. Here you can select a single day and only programs for that day will come up.

What browsers are optimal for viewing this website?

The website will perform best in Firefox, Chrome, and MS Edge

Where do the Special Needs programs live?

All special needs programming is now organized by age. So if you're looking for adult (21+) programs, click on ADULTS and head to the SPECIAL NEEDS section. Looking for classes and programs for those aged 18 and under?  Navigate to CHILDREN + FAMILIES and select the appropriate age range.

Do I have to log in to my web account to purchase something?

If you are a member and want to receive the member price to a class or event, you will need to log in. Also, for Children + Family programming, you will need to log in to verify the identity of the child taking a particular class. 

For most one-time programs (i.e. Films, Conversations), you do not need a web account, as these programs have a "quick checkout" function that allows you to purchase without logging in. 

Also, by creating an account and logging in, the site will keep track of your purchases so you can reference them later.  

Helpful hint:  use your email address as your web account username. While you can always reset your password, if you need to be reminded of what your username is, please call Registration at 646.505.5708 during regular program registration hours.

If I'm a JCC member, do I automatically get assigned a web account?

If you had a web account prior to joining as a member (i.e. you've previously registered for a program online), this should be linked to your member account.  If you never had a web account, you will need to have Registration help you create one by calling at 646.505.5708 during regular program registration hours.

I created an account on the last website.  Do I have to create another? 

Nope.  You can use your old account here.

How do I know if I'm a JCC member?

Stop by the Membership lounge off the lobby, or call 646.505.5700 to inquire.