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Home Page: Main Navigation

This main navigation bar on the site is organized into five main areas: ADULTS, CHILDREN + FAMILIES, FITNESS + WELLNESSARTS + FILM, and JEWISH LIFE.  See below for information on Israel and neurodiverse programming.


Home Page: Search

(1) In the upper right hand corner, you'll see a magnifying glass icon. Click it, and a SEARCH BAR comes up.

Homepage Search screenshot

This SEARCH BAR allows you to search the entire website (basically, everything: pages, programs, and classes),,,.

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If you wish to skip the entire website search and go RIGHT to programs and classes, just click PROGRAMS + CLASSES on the home page.  It is the most "direct route" to that page.

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Home Page:  Login Icon

To log in to your account, click the little "person" icon to the left of the magnifying glass.

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Home Page: Hours + Schedules

You can find the link to Hours + Schedules in the navigation bar on the top left.  A pulldown menu will indicate gym, pool, group exercise, and building hours, including special holiday hours.


Home Page: This Week at the JCC

Scroll a bit further down the home page to find the THIS WEEK AT THE JCC section, which tells you what's happening in the days ahead. 

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Home Page: Accessibility Icon

The little round icon on the right side of the home page allows you to change the look of the website in a variety of ways to make it easier for you to read.

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Programs + Classes Page

On the programs and classes page, you'll find a series of blocks/images representing the five main navigation areas plus JCC Harlem. Click on any one of these to be taken the classes/programs in those areas.

Programs Classes

On the left side, you'll find a search bar.  Use the search bar to look for a class or program by term, like "reiki," "adaptations," or "tumbling."  Under the search bar are boxes that let you filter by program FORMAT:  virtual/online classes, in person classes, and "hybrid" classes (both online and in-person).  Beneath that is the PROGRAM CATEGORY filter, which allows you to search the five main navigation categories:  ADULTS, CHILDREN + FAMILIES, FITNESS + WELLNESS, JEWISH LIFE, and ARTS + FILM.

Programs + Classes screen shot

A cool thing you can do with the calendar is select a single date or a range of dates, so you can see what's happening during one day or a period of time. Click on the first date, then move ahead to the last date in your range and click it.  It will bring up your date range and then display the programs and classes on the right in that range.

Programs + Classes example

Below the calendar are more filters, which allow you to sort programs and classes by age (Childrens ages 0-18, Adults), day of week (M-F), time of day, and season (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter).

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