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This site is organized a little differently from our last one. The section on our former site known as COMMUNITIES is now called ADULTS as it reflects only programs for grownups (obviously).  The area once known as FAMILY LIFE is now CHILDREN + FAMILIES, and the area known as HEALTH + WELLNESS is now FITNESS + WELLNESS.  FILM and ARTS are now combined into one menu.  ISRAEL programs may now be found under JEWISH LIFE.  See below for information on special needs programming.

On the home page, you'll find two key elements in the upper right:  the "person" icon, where you can log in to your account, and the MENU link, which looks kind of like a hamburger and will bring up the five main navigation areas (ARTS + FILM, CHILDREN + FAMILIES, FITNESS + WELLNESS, ADULTS, and JEWISH LIFE).


Main Menu

Clicking the hamburger will also bring up a Search bar, where you can enter any keyword to bring up the program or class of your choice.  You can view the menu in two ways:  Clicking on the word on the left (i.e. ADULTS) will bring you to the Adults landing page, where you can read about and access the Adult areas (20s + 30s, Out at the J, Gen R, etc). Clicking on the arrow (chevron) on the right will bring you to the Adults submenu only.  Below these terms is PROGRAMS + CLASSES, which is a direct route to the page on which all programs live, and where you can use a variety of filters to find the one that's right for you.


Scroll further down on that menu screen and you'll see a series of icons:  First is the cart icon, which comes into play when you order a program or class.  Next is the "person" icon, which is where you'll log in to your web account. Next is an additional "search" icon, followed by "About" (where you can read about the JCC, find our podcasts and videos, and staff and board lists) and "Hours and Schedules," which is, as implied, where you'll find building hours and schedules for our pools, gym, fitness classes, and more.


Back to the home page

Scroll down the home page from the carousel, past the four blue tiles, and you'll find the What's Happening at the JCC section. Here you can scroll through the next ten programs at the JCC, in chronological order. Below that is a link to search all programs and classes (more on this below).


Programs + Classes

Here's where you can slice, dice, and sort to your heart's content. The Programs + Classes page features six boxes, representing the five main navigation areas (Arts + Film, Jewish Life, Children + Families, Fitness + Wellness, and Adults) plus JCC Harlem. You'll notice above those boxes are the Filter and Sort boxes. More on those below.


Programs + Classes: Filters

Click on the "Filter" box on the left. It will bring up a series of items, including a calendar, the five main program categories...


... followed by filters by age, day of week, time of day, and season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).  Once you're done filtering, click the floating APPLY FILTER button to bring up your desired programs.


Programs + Classes: Sort 

Click the "Sort" button and you'll be able to bring up your program or class selections by relevance to your keyword, date, price, or age.  (Programs will always default to date order)


Account Log-In Page

Remember the little "person" icon on the home page? Once you've clicked that, you'll bring up the Account Log-In page. Here's where you can sign in to your web account, so the system recognizes you and your family when you order.