School-Age Sports


Confidence. Exercise. Social skills. Children get each of these benefits and more when they step onto the JCC gymnasium floor. Our athletics classes provide the foundation for a healthy lifestyle while teaching your child determination, resilience, and teamwork.

Drop off classes include:

  • Sports FUNdamentals (2.5–10 Years): Soccer, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, team handball, and more! Children focus on teamwork, skill-building, and sportsmanship with the JCC’s renowned energetic coaching staff. Our athletes will develop athleticism and sportsmanship through creative warm-ups, fun drills, and class games as they practice a wide range of sports throughout the semester. As our kids grow, game strategy becomes a major objective as we introduce friendly competition.

  • Tennis (3–10 Years): Children practice groundstrokes, volleys, ball-tracking, and overhead strokes while developing hand-eye coordination and learning sportsmanship. Classes for older students teach proper serves, game strategies, and sportsmanship as we introduce friendly competition. All levels, including a new advanced class, are offered.

  • Basketball (4–12 Years): Young athletes will master offensive and defensive techniques, learn basketball drills, scrimmage, and play games. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, coordination, and skill-building. Classes are open to all skill levels. Skills and drills are adapted appropriately for each athlete. All levels, including a new advanced class, are offered.

  • Volleyball (7-11 Years):  Young athletes will learn the FUNdamental skills of volleyball - including bumping, setting, spiking, and serving - taught in a progressive and age-appropriate manner. Children will also learn about court rotation, rules, and point calculation through various drills and mini-games. Last but certainly not least, this class will instill and elevate the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

For classes for children 12 months-3 years, please click here.

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