Bridge Club with Peter Steinberg


Advanced Classes via ClubKing Membership 

Join the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan’s online bridge classes and learn from Peter Steinberg and his team of experts! Stimulate your brain and hone your skills in this fun learning environment. Membership includes:

Bid + Play Review (no partner needed)
Get right back into bridge with our interactive classes. Review all aspects of Standard American bidding. Basic play and defensive techniques. Learn to bid hands. Learn to play them. That’s our mantra.

Intermediate thru Advanced Classes (no partner needed)
You bid the hands; you play the hands. Step by step development of logical thinking to help you confront bridge problems and learn to solve them. We promise to help improve your game. That’s the Clubking mission.

Supervised Play Sessions (no partner needed)
Using Clubking’s unique Virtual Bridge Table, bid, plan, and play under the watchful eye of one of our experts. You will receive helpful pointers on every hand.

Tuesdays + Thursdays starting the first day of the month, $49.95.

Beginner Classes

Beginner Class
Peter Steinberg, author of PLAY BRIDGE IN FOUR HOURS, knows bridge and knows how to teach it. ClubKing Beginners start with our Beginning Bridge series of 6 lessons and 2 beginning supervised practice sessions. Designed for the real beginner. Learn by doing, not by rote. Learn to play bridge with little or no memorization. And learn quickly.

The first class in this series is FREE (no credit card required).

Beginner Bridge 2.0: Basic Conventions and Declarer Play (coming Fall 2021)
This course has been custom designed for post-beginners and players who want to get back into the game. Simon says, ‘learn from Steinberg.’ Steinberg says, ‘don’t memorize.’ Learn basic conventions by bidding them. Learn to plan and play by planning and playing.

Beginner Bridge 3.1: Play of the Hand (coming Winter 2021)
Every week features: flexible bidding drills, Reviews of the major conventions, Significant Supervised, Play time on pre-dealt hands, Reinforce planning and frequently used play techniques, Access to interactive notes, Taped sessions are archived for up to two months in case you have to miss a session. Eight sessions: Bidding and Play. You bid. You play.

Mondays OR Wednesdays, $75.

Free Classes

Try one of our classes for yourself. No credit card required. 

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