[In Person] Junior Engineers, 4–6 Years

[In Person] Junior Engineers, 4–6 Years

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4 years - 6 years

Fall registration opens May 16 at 9am for Members and Mon, May 23 at 9am for the general public.

To learn about our Membership options, please email membership@mmjccm.org


If your child loves to tinker and create new things, they will love our Junior Engineers class! Children will build functional LEGO and DUPLO models of elevators, amusement park rides, robotic animals, spinning tops, and so much more. Their models will utilize gears, wheels, axles and pulleys, and will become hands-on tools to learn about physics concepts such as balance, measurement, energy, and force.
Children will also work in small groups to complete a series of building and engineering challenges, and through observation and prediction will test how manipulating their models can result in an unexpected outcome. Taught by Snapology.

Please familiarize yourself with the JCC’s health and safety protocols for children's programming, and with our vaccination requirement for children five and older. Please note that these are subject to change as the health landscape evolves.

Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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