Makom: Jewish Spirituality

Makom: Jewish Spirituality

At Makom we explore Jewish spiritual practice and illuminate various aspects of Jewish mysticism. Through workshops and retreats centered on Jewish contemplative practice, monthly evenings of Jewish chant, opportunity to study the ethical practice of mussar, and more, Makom provides an oasis for Jewish spirituality in the midst of the noise of the city.

Throughout the year we welcome you to join us for our annual Day of Kabbalah in partnership with the Carlebach Shul, events focused on neo-Chassidism, days of learning centered on the deep teachings of Chassidic masters, and concerts with mystical themes. Whatever your Jewish spirit needs to grow, you can find it at Makom.

Makom is also the address for unique classes specially designed to aid your physical and spiritual health and overall wellness.

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For more information, contact Rabbi Abigail Treu, director of The Center for Jewish Living.

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Help us continue to ensure accessible programming for everyone. Please support Makom: Jewish Spirituality programs at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan.