Outdoor Classes in Riverside Park

One of the most difficult parts of the past year has been having to pause the majority of our in-person programming for children. Though it's been wonderful to see so many families taking advantage of our virtual offerings, we know that this is not a substitute for physically coming together.

Our 2021 Spring classes have been planned to get kids moving and connected. Physical activity helps children strengthen their bodies and stay fit, and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Social connections, both with adults and peers, are also essential to healthy emotional development. This spring, we'll be offering a range of classes for our Infants + Young Children such as Sports, Hip-Hop, Little Maestros, and My Little Clubhouse, designed with this in mind.

Classes include:

Taught by Miss Kala, dancers will be introduced to ballet vocabulary and movement skills through an innovative approach that encourages young dancers with big imaginations. Included with the class are individual props to enhance our creative discovery and explorations. The class will take place on 78th Street in Riverside Park.

Dynamo Girl
Add joy and movement to your daughter's day with our outdoor Dynamo Girl class, led by your favorite Dynamo Girl coaches. Just like Dynamo Girl's indoor afterschool program, these classes will be filled with fun, safe, and empowering sports and team-building activities.

This vibrant class blends the energy, freestyling, storytelling and power of hip hop and breaking, with jazz technique, while embracing the creativity of the dancers. Students will develop musicality, choreographic skills, strength, teamwork and confidence both onstage and off. A signature of all BOLD Arts programs is that each person's individual strengths and personality shine through the work we create together.

Outdoor Contemporary Art Class for Tweens (10-13)
Grab a picnic blanket and join Private Picassos in Riverside Park for this Outdoor Contemporary Art Class. In this class, tweens will discover the artwork of contemporary and 20th century artists, as well as explore their methods and materials. No art experience required. Private Picassos is a mobile and virtual art studio, offering art and cultural experiences for children and adults throughout the US and its art studio and shop in Park Slope. They bring their expertise in visual art education to students in their homes, schools, camps, and cultural venues.