Outdoor Classes in Riverside Park

One of the most difficult parts of the past year has been having to pause the majority of our in-person programming for children. Though it's been wonderful to see so many families taking advantage of our virtual offerings, we know that this is not a substitute for physically coming together.

Our 2021 Spring classes have been planned to get kids moving and connected. Physical activity helps children strengthen their bodies and stay fit, and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Social connections, both with adults and peers, are also essential to healthy emotional development. This spring, we'll be offering a range of classes for our Infants + Young Children such as Sports, Hip-Hop, Little Maestros, and My Little Clubhouse, designed with this in mind.

Classes include:

Little Maestros
Award-winning Little Maestros takes children on a fantastic journey! You will love our musical storytimes, imaginative play, language development activities, puppet shows, and "bubble music." Join us as we make friends, create music, and share smiles.

My Little Clubhouse
Toddlers are introduced to a first socialization experience with their grown-ups right by their side. Facilitated by a pre-nursery teacher, children will have the opportunity to interact with peers, explore a wide variety of materials, and move their bodies. Each class session also includes circle time, a story, and singing.The class will take place on 78th Street in Riverside Park.

Taught by Miss Kala, dancers will be introduced to ballet vocabulary and movement skills through an innovative approach that encourages young dancers with big imaginations. Included with the class are individual props to enhance our creative discovery and explorations. The class will take place on 78th Street in Riverside Park.

Toddler Art Adventures
Taught by Private Picassos, budding toddler artists will explore paint, crayons, oil pastels, collage materials, air-dry clay, and recycled sculpture in this process-oriented art class. Themes for projects include NYC, outer space, animals, opposites, and much more. This curriculum is a great introduction to a structured class for young artists and will help strengthen their fine motor skills and ability to represent the world around them.

Mattise, Monet and Me
In this class taught by Private Picassos, budding artists will get inspiration by looking at and learning about the work of fine artists. Activities include Andy Goldsworthy-inspired nature sculptures, Kandinsky music painting, Jim Dine-inspired mixed media creation, and much more! The class will take place on 78th Street in Riverside Park.

Lil' Sports in Riverside Park
Get your child moving! Our sports class enhances motor development, boosts athletic confidence, and plants the seed for a lifelong love of sports. Coaches will creatively re-create our beloved sports class curriculum with social distancing and limited equipment handling in mind.