The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan’s Summer Camps seek to engage children in experiences that help build, support, and reinforce a positive personal identity, strong peer relationships, quality skill development in both athletics and the arts, and a powerful sense of community responsibility, while enabling campers and their parents to lay pathways into meaningful Jewish life.

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The Day Camp @ the JCC

is a place for exploration and opportunity, a chance to try new things and delve into passions. Our hope is that all of our campers will regularly try new things while also expanding their knowledge and skills of activities with which they are already familiar. The Day Camp @ the JCC focuses on age-appropriate developmental skills, letting our campers grow with the choices offered to them. This focus on personal growth and development is one of the primary values of our program. The camp fosters a sense of community, encouraging relationships to develop and build between campers, staff, and families. Our hope is that this community will be maintained throughout the year as campers and their families experience all that the JCC has to offer. Day Camp @ the JCC serves children ages 3-6.

Camp Settoga 

has three primary values:
(1) Individual Growth and Development: At camp, we want our campers and staff alike to try new activities and push themselves to reach that next level in swim or climb higher than before on the climbing wall. We want to make sure the person who comes into the camp on day one is not the exact same person who leaves camp on the last day. Hopefully everyone in the Camp Settoga community, through our programming and through conversation and exploration, will grow and develop throughout the summer.

(2) Community Building: Everyone involved with Camp Settoga is part of our camp community! During the summer, campers and staff will build their group community and the camp community, and realize they are all key players in the Jewish community as well.

(3) Wonder and Gratitude: How lucky are we to be at such a great camp! During the summer, we will take full advantage of being out in nature and appreciating all that we have, both in camp and at home. Camp Settoga serves children ages 4-12.

Summer Stock Theater Camp

gives you all the fun of a fantastic summer camp and total theater involvement at the same time.  New York City is home to over 25,000 actors and actresses. Is your child one of them? Summer Stock is an amazing three-week intensive theater camp for kids who love performing and theater. Campers join us for an incredible journey through acting, voice, movement and production, all directed and choreographed by theatre professionals who have years of experience coaching young performers. Previous Summer Stock projects have included Annie, Bugsy Malone, Fiddler on the Roof, Grease, Bye Bye Birdie, and High School Musical. The Summer Stock program also includes weekly trips to see a Broadway musical, daily swim, sports, and a Late Night at camp! It is a golden opportunity to develop and master performance and production skills under the skilled direction of Sasha Nanus, director of the theater program at Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan. This program is designed for children ages 9-14.  The stage is empty and waiting for your child to step on it for an amazing summer experience filled with the thrill and magic of musical theater!

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