Special Needs Support Groups

A young boy hugs his father

Looking for support? The Jack and Shirley Silver Center for Special Needs offers a range of groups and programs designed to help individuals and families deal constructively with the range of challenges. All discussions are kept confidential.

Support Group for Parents of Children with Developmental Delays

Join other parents of children who have been identified as having developmental challenges of all kinds, who understand the isolation, frustration, and financial stressors that often face families like yours. The combined expertise of the facilitators and the parents' personal experiences provide support, resources, strategies, therapy options, and connections as we build community together.

Support Group for Parents with Children in Therapeutic,
Wilderness or Treatment Settings Away from Home

You sent your kid where?! Most parents don't know that therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness therapy, or residential treatment centers exist--until they realize that their child needs to attend one. It can be hard to talk about this journey, especially with those unfamiliar with the experience. However silence can lead to misunderstandings, inaccuracies, and feelings of loneliness and isolation. It doesn't have to be that way. Join us to make connections and hear from other parents who have lived a similar experience. Share resources and learn how to better communicate to others, discover techniques to reassure your child's community, and begin to lay the groundwork that will support a healthy reunion with your child. Facilitated by Dr. Wendy Kamaiko-Solano.

Support Group for Parents of Teens with Developmental Disabilities,

New challenges arise when children reach their adolescent/teen years. This can be especially true for teens with developmental delays, LD, or ADHD as they often become more aware and cases of co-morbidity with mental health issues arise. Join other parents of teens who understand these often unique parenting challenges to share resources, network, and build community with the help of experienced support group facilitators.

Support Groups for Parents of Adults with Developmental Delays,

Parents of adults with developmental delays, LD, or ADHD face issues and concerns related to independent  living, jobs and job support, housing, and such questions as "What happens when I'm gone?" This group will provide an opportunity for parents to come together to share resources and experiences, solve problems, and build community with the help of experienced support group facilitators, helping to lessen the feelings of isolation and fear for the future.

Fathers Talk

Dads often have a difficult time accepting a child's diagnosis. Join other fathers who understand the challenges you might be facing. This group will provide an opportunity to exchange resources, network, learn parenting strategies, and build community with the help of an experienced support group facilitator.

For more information about our Special Needs Support Groups, please email Hannah Kaplan-Cohen or call 646.505.4460

We are grateful to the New York City Council's Autism Initiative and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for providing funding for Special Needs Support Groups.