[VIRTUAL] A Walk with Cancer, Healing Music + Conscious Self-Care

[VIRTUAL] A Walk with Cancer, Healing Music + Conscious Self-Care

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Amy Camie, CCM

This summer, join us one Sunday of every month for a journey of self-discovery. Amy Camie, certified clinical musician and two-time breast cancer thriver, shares life lessons, healing harp meditations, and inspiring insights to encourage you to embrace the fullness of who you are with loving compassion. Take a walk with Amy and gain a deeper understanding of how energy,  resonance, and subconscious patterns keep us circling in repetitive patterns of behavior and how conscious self-care choices can awaken the self-love and healing from within. Each class will address the four JCC Health and Wellness pillars of health in unique ways as we MOVE slowly to recognize subconscious patterns that keep all of us in repetitive patterns of behavior; RESTORE inner balance and harmony through our breath, deeper listening, and an understanding of resonance; NOURISH the body, mind, and spirit with conscious self-care choices; and CONNECT to the fullness of who we all are through unique meditations and journaling with healing music.

A shift in belief, expands perceptions, and alters the experience
Judgment and assumptions restrict possibilities
My healing comes from within

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