[VIRTUAL] Improve Energy + Balance with Tai Chi + Qi Gong Section 1

[VIRTUAL] Improve Energy + Balance with Tai Chi + Qi Gong Section 1

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Jacob Glassmeyer

This blend of Tai Chi and Qi Gong combines slow, graceful movements with deep breathing. Improve your health and boost your energy while practicing one of the oldest forms of group exercise. Each movement can be done in any order, anywhere, and without any special equipment. Feel more invigorated, energized, and balanced through this natural choreographic flow of wellness. Great for beginners or advanced students.

I am grateful to have Jacob Glassmeyer's class Improve Balance and Energy with TaiChi + Qigong as one of my main support tactics to stay healthy and grounded! Jacob's teaching style is very easy to follow, the movements are very safe for my hip replacement joint, and I am interested in the physical/mental benefits this set provides. He is a very good teacher, he listens to my questions and he responds to my email if I ask questions between classes. Most importantly, I have learned so much about myself in this class. Without it, I would be doing laundry or something, not truly movement-related for my own health. — Karen D'Angelo

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