[Virtual] Culture Passport: Amsterdam, Majorca + Seoul--Jewish Revival Around the World

[Virtual] Culture Passport: Amsterdam, Majorca + Seoul--Jewish Revival Around the World

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Travel virtually to the Netherlands, Spain, and South Korea to learn about the Jewish renaissance happening in Amsterdam, Majorca, and Seoul today. In a time of great adversity, we turn to three community organizers who are lighting the way to a bright future in unexpected places around the globe.
About the Presenters
Nachshon Rodrigues Pereira
Nachshon Rodrigues Pereira founded the young Jewish community Bendigamos in Amsterdam, where the Portuguese Jewish community was decimated in WWII. This was virtually the end of an era with a very rich Jewish history, centered around the Esnoga, once the biggest synagogue in the world. In an attempt to revive her community and its traditions, Nachshon started Bendigamos in 2015, basically from scratch. In six years the community has grown and attracted a wide range of Jews, with an average age of 30.
Anna Toombs-Yuna
Anna Toombs-Yun has lived in Korea for over 10 years. She is the co-founder of Hakehillah Korea, the only progressive Jewish community in Seoul. Jews have been residing in Korea since the 1950s, mostly as soldiers at first, but only over the past 20 years or so as civilians. Anna is part of the first generation to make Hakehillah Korea real Jewish history in the country. Hakehillah Korea is a very small community with no rabbi, building, or funds that has grown over the years.
Dani Rotstein
Dani Rotstein introduces the revival that is taking place on the island of Mallorca  today. Some Chuetas, descendents of Mallorcan Jews who were forced to renounce their religion during the Inquisition, are returning to the faith. With the help of Jewish expat residents, they are laying the building blocks for a strong, vibrant Jewish future in the Mediterranean. Hear interviews with Chuetas, see the new memorials that are being placed around the Mallorcan capital of Palma, and experience concerts and cultural learning conferences that are being organized jointly with local authorities.
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