ONLINE Intro to Alexander Technique: Improve Posture Without Pain 10 Week Series

ONLINE Intro to Alexander Technique: Improve Posture Without Pain 10 Week Series

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Morgan Rysdon and Melissa Brown, Alexander Technique Practitioners

When we try to get out of a postural slump, most of us go "military." We pull our shoulders back, stick our chest out, tighten our stomach muscles, and forget to breathe. This kind of position results in stiffening and pain and is not, in fact, good posture at all. In this 10-class Alexander Technique series, you’ll learn how to release habitual postural tension and compression patterns that can pull your spine down. Discover easier and more efficient ways of moving as well as subtle ways to improve alignment so your spine can extend to its full length. Drop-ins are welcome.
Class 1: Intro to Good Posture Without Pain (Melissa Brown)
When we try to get out of a postural slump, most of us assume a painful and stiff “military” position, pulling our shoulders back and tightening our abs. In this class, you will learn that good posture is actually very comfortable and allows you to move with ease and efficiency. We will explore ways to extend your spine to its full length and improve your alignment by releasing tension, not creating it.
Class 2: Preventing the Painful Head-Forward Position (Morgan Rysdon)
With most of us using handheld devices—and after a year of online Zoom calls—many are suffering from neck and shoulder tension. The head-forward position, as it is called, can cause excess tension and stress on the spine, and ultimately lead to the development of poor posture.
Class 3: Sit Without Slumping (Melissa Brown)
We usually sit for long periods of time during the day—often in front of a computer. Unfortunately, slumping can be hard to avoid and we feel fatigued and sore. In this class, we will explore ways for you to come out of your slump and sit poised in your chair while remaining easy and comfortable.
Class 4: Respect the Spine for Better Posture (Morgan Rysdon)
Our spine is literally the backbone of our entire body. Learn skills to better care for your spine, avoid pain and injury, and see how these skills can help lead you toward a more easy and comfortable way of living.
Class 5: Walking Tall with Ease + Efficiency (Melissa Brown)
We are often rushing around and not paying attention to what we are doing. Become aware of how you pull yourself out of alignment while you walk. In this class, we will explore ways that you can release the tension that pulls your spine down. You will learn to walk tall and find ease and efficiency in your movement.
Class 6: Standing Without Pain (Morgan Rysdon)
In this class, we will explore how we can use our awareness of gravity and the ground to better suspend ourselves in an upright and poised posture. Standing tall doesn’t require a lot of effort or tension. Here you will learn better ways to maintain an easy and upright standing posture, making you feel more comfortable.
Class 7:  Learn How Lying Down Can Improve Your Posture (Melissa Brown)
Tension and compression in the body pull the spine down. Since lying on the floor requires minimal muscular effort, it is a useful position from which to learn how to release unnecessary tension. In this class, I will lead you through a series of subtle movements designed to encourage your spine to come to its full length and improve your alignment. We will then apply the floor work to being upright, both in standing and walking.
Class 8: Tips for Maintaining Good Posture (Morgan Rysdon)
Posture is too often referred to as a place you need to arrive at. “I have good posture” suggests our posture is fixed and meant to be kept as a constant. In this class, you will be introduced to the idea that posture is not a place you arrive at, but rather a state you constantly flow through—time and time again. A place where your body continues to reorganize itself in alignment with all the parts of you. Join us and learn skills to be more in touch with your body’s natural and poised posture.
Class 9: Making Good Posture a Habit in Everyday Activities (Melissa Brown)
In this class, each student will bring in an activity that challenges their ability to maintain good posture. Maybe you want to explore ways to carry a heavy bag without collapsing downward? Maybe you are curious about how to best tie your shoes without slumping? We will look at ways that the whole class can engage in these different activities with ease and efficiency.
Class 10: What Our Posture Says About Us and How We Can Continue to Improve It (Morgan Rysdon)
Our posture—the way we carry ourselves day in and day out—affects so many things. One of those is how others see us. Learn what, and how, your body is communicating to others—and even to yourself.

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This program is cosponsored by the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan and Dr. Alison Estabrook, a nationally recognized breast cancer surgeon currently Professor of Surgery at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She was founder and chief of the Comprehensive Breast Center, Mount Sinai West, in New York City, and co-founder of Breastlink New York, an affiliate of Radnet.


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