ONLINE Creating a Self-Care Program with the Alexander Technique 10 Week Series

ONLINE Creating a Self-Care Program with the Alexander Technique 10 Week Series

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Morgan Rysdon and Melissa Brown, Alexander Technique Practitioners

The Alexander Technique is a mind/body practice that helps  improve posture, reduce tension, and find freedom and ease in movement. In this 10-part series, designed to provide you with concrete tools to help you stay healthy, centered, and pain free, we will explore the principles of the technique as they relate to various topics and also take time to individualize instruction. In each class, time will be allotted for individual students to explore ways to move with more ease and efficiency while engaging in activities of their choosing, whether it’s having a better tennis serve, being more comfortable bending down, or walking with more freedom and ease. We will also address any issues related to pain or discomfort that students may have. All students will receive a recording of each class. Drop-ins are welcome.

Week 1: Principles of the Alexander Technique (Melissa Brown)
Week 2: Tools to Avoid Pain and Injury (Morgan Rysdon )
Week 3: A Slumper’s Guide to Better Posture (Melissa Brown)
Week 4: Improve Your Sleep  (Morgan Rysdon)
Week 5: Reduce Shoulder Pain (Melissa Brown)
Week 6: Find Comfort While Standing (Morgan Rysdon)
Weeks 7: Reduce Hip and Knee Pain (Melissa Brown)
Week 8: Your voice deserves to be Heard (Morgan Rysdon)
Week9:  How Easy Breathing Can Lead to Comfort (Melissa Brown)
Week 10: Age Gracefully in the 21st Century (Morgan Rysdon)

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