Nordic Walking for People with PD - In Person

Nordic Walking for People with PD - In Person

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Sonja Johansson, GCFP

Nordic walking, using poles to help with stability, takes the benefits of walking to a whole new level. The support of the poles helps walkers feel more secure, and also deflects more than 25 percent of the impact away from knees and lower joints. Along with improving posture and core strength, research shows that Nordic walking increases muscle strength, improves motor control, and builds aerobic fitness for people with Parkinson's Disease. With proper Nordic walking technique you will  burn more calories, engage more than 90 percent of your muscles, and feel those effects in your regular walking, with easy arm swings and clearer gait mechanics.

Sonja Johansson is passionate about improving people's lives by enhancing their proprioception (sense of self-movement and body position) and enhancing their biomechanics. For over 20 years she has specialized in working with adults recovering from injuries, orthopedic issues, and those living with neurological conditions. Having studied embodied anatomy and therapeutic exercise extensively, her life purpose is to help people take charge of their lives and enhance their relationship with their body by improving the quality of their movement. She maintains a private practice as a manual therapist (Feldenkrais® —Functional Integrationcm) in New York City,  as well as teaching virtual classes.

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