Generation R Mindfulness & Shavuot Tikkun Roadmap

Generation R Mindfulness & Shavuot Tikkun Roadmap

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Join other Russian-speaking Jewish young adults for a pre-Shavuot guided meditation with recent Dorot Fellow Andrew Samuels, immediately followed by insight from Generation R Director Audrey David about which programs being offered at the all-night holiday celebration, Tikkun Leil Shavuot, Generation R-ers might find especially compelling. This year's tikkun begins at 8:30pm, Sunday, May 16th and ends well after midnight.

The major Jewish holiday of Shavuot, commemorating when the Jews received the Torah at Mt. Sinai, commences after 50 days of counting the omer, which begins on the second night of Passover.  One interpretation of this tradition is that the Jewish people are counting their journey from liberation to deliverance. Today, this 50 days of counting is an act of mindfulness, a literal marking of the days and therefore, in addition to being seen as a celebration of the Torah, Shavuot can also be viewed as a holiday of mindfulness and reflection.

In this program just before Shavuot begins, Andrew Samuels, a Dorot Fellow who recently spent a year in Israel studying Jewish meditation and mindfulness, will talk about the holiday, it's meaning, and relationship to mindfulness, followed by a guided meditation.  At the program's conclusion, Generation R Director Audrey David will higlight many of the virtual programs being offered by the JCC that night (beginning at 8:30PM, also "Pay as you wish") as part of the JCC Manhttan's annual Paul Feig z"l Tikkun Leil Shavuot* overnight study and celebration as is the tradition on Shavuot.

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*The JCC Manhattan's Tikkun Leil Shavuout is generously supported in memory of Paul Feig z"l.

Generation R programs are supported by The Jewish Federations of North America with generous funding from Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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