Board30 @ the JCC

BOARD30 is the only 30-minute, full-body workout that is solely-focused on resistance band training to engage, build and strengthen every muscle in the body. The unique, first-of-its kind fitness concept offers classes that fit any schedule, centered on a unique, patented Bodyboard. Expect a fun, welcoming, and music-fueled environment that fosters a workout that builds the body up without breaking it down. Through its resistance training program, BOARD30 challenges each participant with a high-energy, low-impact fitness regimen that cannot be found anywhere else.
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Class Pricing

Intro Offer: $25 for 2 classes (expires one month after purchase and can only be purchased one time by new clients)

Intro Offer for JCC members: First class free (one time offer)

Single Class: $25 for JCC members/$35 for the public

5 Pack: $100 for JCC members/$160 for the public (expires 30 days after purchase)

10 Pack: $180 for JCC members/$300 for 10 classes (expires 3 months after purchase)

Class Schedule (all classes are In Person)

10-10:30 am: Board30 
8-8:30 am: Board30 
9:15-9:45 am: Board30
Noon-1 pm: Board30 

8-8:30 am: Board30 
9-9:30 am: Board30 
6-6:30 pm: Board30

10:30-11:30 am: Board30

8-9 am: Board30 
9-9:45 am: Board30 

Noon-12:30 pm: Board30