The 334 Project: Tell Us Your Story

JCC Rooftop, 2021
JCC Rooftop, 2021
JCC Pool, 2020
JCC Pool, 2020
The beginning, 1999

What has the JCC, in this building, meant to you over the past 20 years?

The JCC's Samuel Priest Rose Building opened in September 2001, welcoming nursery school students into our beautiful space. The rest of this 14-story vertical village opened in January 2002. The 334 Project seeks to gather testimonials, stories, and memories from our community, to find out: How has this building impacted you? The neighborhood? What is your favorite memory or activity in the center?

There are three easy ways to submit your story for The 334 Project.
The deadline is Friday, November 12:

  • WRITE IT. Submit it directly into the form below
  • TELL IT. Use our simple online voice recorder below (red "Start recording" button, 90 sec limit) 
  • CALL IT IN. Dial 646.896.3972 and leave a voice message

When you submit by voice, please mention your name, location, and a phone number or email address so we can share updates on the project.

Notes: (1) You do not need to submit more than once -- a single testimonial, in one of the formats, is sufficient; and (2) By submitting a testimonial, you agree to have your story utilized in JCC public-facing media.

Thank you for helping us capture the history of one of the cornerstones of our community.

If you have any issues submitting your response, or wish to ask a question, please email:


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